Ritual Postpartum



Warmth is commonly used in many traditions for postpartum healing. Postpartum is seen as a “cool” state because the blood, amniotic fluid, placenta, and baby are now no longer contained inside the uterus. Warmth brings oxytocin to the body, helps the uterus return to a pre-pregnancy state, and helps replenish the body to restore and repair cells, tissues and muscles.


~Pelvic(Vaginal) Steaming

~ Warm Sesame Oil Body Rubs

~ Herbal Sitz Baths

~ Abdominal Moxabustion 

~ Castor Oil Packs



Ritual Postpartum cooks medicinal foods that are easy to digest, warming in nature, and full of healthy fats, fiber and proteins to sustain a breastfeeding body.

 ~ In-home cooking service to create delicious and easy-to-digest postpartum meals and/or snacks. 

~Herbal infusions and teas

~Postpartum-specific nutritional guidance and information

~Batch-cooking services offered prenatally to stock up freezer allowing easy, re-heatable and nutritious options for the whole family.



Right Information

~Body care information

~Nursing support

~Baby care & babywearing info

-Breathwork for healing of the abdomen

~NVC and other communication techniques

~Help create a network of support from friends, family, and community


Right Relationship with self


These unique offerings allow birthing parent to connect with the energy of the birth, integrate, and process in a non-verbal, somatic, and experiential way. Click here for more information about each of these services.

~Bone Closing Ceremony

~Womb Integration & Guided Birth Meditation

~Sound Therapy

~ Ceremonial Bath