Ritual Postpartum

Right Relationship With Self


These unique offerings allow birthing parent to connect with the energy of the birth, integrate, and process. After the physically, emotionally, and energetically expansive act of birthing, the postpartum phase is an opportunity to return to one's body and tap deeper into one's wisdom, intuition, and self-love. Many of these experiences offer healing in a non-verbal, somatic, and experiential way. These services can be helpful after the initial postpartum phase, or any time in one’s life after birth or birth release/loss.


Closing of the Bones Ceremony

In so many ways our bodies, minds, and hearts open in immense ways during birth. This birth closing ceremony helps provide closure and completion typically after the first six weeks postpartum. This a therapeutic treatment that originates from parts of Asia as well as Latin America. The session begins with a reiki-infused warm oil body rub, then a rebozo closing/ physical sealing of the body is performed while being guided through a drum journey.

Womb Integration & Guided Birth Meditation

The womb integration & guided birth meditation by Tami Kent is a way to return to one’s birth experience and review any aspects of the birth in order to integrate and heal.


Sound Therapy

Drum journeys and singing bowls are a wonderful way to process the birth, to release tension in the body, and find a place of inner stillness and peace. Sound therapy is a gentle, yet powerful way for the body’s own vibrations to return to their natural states.

Ceremonial Bath

A ceremonial bath can be a pleasurable way to cleanse, renew, purify, and be held in the water element as a way to mark the transition from the initial postpartum phase. This luxurious bath treatment is complete with candles, herbs/flowers, and coconut milk/oats for the deepest nourishment possible.