Ritual Postpartum

Private Consultations/ Ceremony


There are many ways private classes or organized gatherings can look, taste and feel. Reach out to discover how Ritual Postpartum can make your Fourth Trimester extra special. See the examples listed below to get an idea.



In-Home Discussion About Your Postpartum Plan:

We can cover topics of food/ nutrition, rest, building and preparing your support team, how to create boundaries and protect your postpartum sovereignty, how to tend to your postpartum body, womb + pelvic health and more! 2-hour private session with discounted group rates available for multiple-family classes.

Pre-Partum Food Prep:

Make several batches of nourishing postpartum food with a trained Postpartum Care provider to guide and consult various menu items.

Educate Your Support Team:

Maybe you already have a community of people longing to learn more about what your body will be going through and how they can best be of service to you on different levels? Get them all together in your home and we can talk about it! (Out of town relatives/friends are welcome to join via Skypem, FaceTime or other video call)



Closing of the Bones Ceremony:

Need help facilitating a beautiful container for this passage? Perhaps you will even want to have your community to come together to witness you in this experience. See here fore more details about this postpartum closing ceremony.

Post-Birth Loss / Birth Release Honoring Ritual:

Be loved up for these extra-tender times, receiving nourishing touch, food, song, grief, praise, honor and respect to your process while allowing you to share your experience with community and out of isolation.