Ritual Postpartum


Holistic Postpartum Care Packages


Daytime Package:

Each postpartum care session (4-8 hours) can include a few delightful warming therapies or treatments of birthing person's choice (i.e. warm sesame oil rubs, pelvic steams, etc.) and lovingly prepared postpartum meals, herbal beverages, and emotional/practical support as you rest and integrate.

20% non-refundable deposit required when scheduling all postpartum care packages, which goes towards total payment. Clients are responsible for the cost of food and herbs used during care.

40 hours of support: $1400 ($35/hour, save 12% compared to the daytime hourly rate)

20 hours of support: $740 ($37/hour)

Closing of the bones package: $2100 60 hours of support + postpartum closing ceremony included for free (up to $350 value!)

Daytime by the hour: $40/hour (shift duration 4-8 hours)

OverNight Package:

Overnight shifts can include enjoying food, snacks, drinks and other comfort measures to support the most easeful nighttime nursing/feeding routine as possible. Minimum of 8 hours per night, shifts anywhere from from 9pm-7am

Nighttime pack: 40 hours of support: $1600 ($40/hour, save over 10% compared to the nighttime hourly rate)

Overnight by the hour: $45/hour (minimum 8 hours required)