Ritual Postpartum

How It Works


Postpartum Care Can Begin as Soon as Possible After Birth

Or birth release/loss

It is best to discuss your options during pregnancy: begin your education prepartum to be well informed for the postpartum weeks to come by taking an INNATE Postpartum Class. Postpartum care is especially beneficial during the first weeks immediately following birth or pregnancy loss/release. Many traditions mandate a 40-day window of rest, but your body and heart will thank you for however much time and space you can give yourself. Postpartum Care rates depend on services selected, commute/mileage, and frequency/hours of visits. Together we can create a plan that works for everyone.


Example of 1 Week of Service:

2-5 visits per week. Each postpartum care session (4-8 hours) may include several delightful warming therapies or treatments of birthing person's choice and lovingly prepared postpartum meals, herbal beverages, and snacks to enjoy as you rest and integrate. This is all offered with the compassionate, nurturing presence of someone who cares about you feeling good, seen and supported. Ritual Postpartum commits to nourishing your body, mind, heart, and spirit in its ever-unfolding postpartum state.


Offering Full Spectrum Services

Anyone that has become pregnant, including those that have undergone miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or other birth loss/release should be able to receive the postpartum care they deserve. Your body and heart still could use some tending, and you deserve a space to grieve, to be nurtured, and to heal.



Safe space for everyone

Ritual Postpartum Care is committed to providing a safe space for all clients, including race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, religion, and ability. 


Begin Your Postpartum Preparation

Classes are recommended for expecting birthing parents + birth partners, as well as other support people that will be present during their time of postpartum healing.