Ritual Postpartum

Classes in PDX

Classes in PDX

Ritual Postpartum offers a unique continuity of care, beginning postpartum education and preparation during pregnancy. With this prenatal education, we are participating in preventative care for the fourth trimester, helping eliminate overwhelm, anxiety, perinatal mood disorders and other challenges by creating a solid foundation of information and preparation beforehand.


Innate postpartum Care: The essentials of Postpartum Healing

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This 2-hour discussion is intended for expecting parents interested in learning how to prepare for a Fourth Trimester of nourishment, rest, and receiving. We will use examples from traditions passed down for generations, based on the physiological needs of a postpartum body.

In many places all around the world, postpartum people are supported with medicinal foods, loving touch, and therapeutic warming techniques to help bring them back into their body and integrate after birth. Innate Postpartum Care is about weaving these healing modalities while being rooted in community support, creating a wholesome foundation from which life with your newborn baby can truly flourish.

Families-your support people are welcome to join in on this conversation, too! As a human species, we are meant to thrive by caring for each other. Let's encourage each other to trust in our support teams and be specific about what we need, learning how to follow our intuition every step of the way. After all, this precious time is unlike any other moment in a family's life, and it is our birthright to receive the healing and care we deserve.

This Class offers:

-An introduction to the Five Essentials of Postpartum Healing and how they can help create emotional and physical RESILIENCE after birth.

- Why the physiology of the uterus and the ligaments supporting it call for REST in the postpartum window.

-How to create healthy boundaries and establish postpartum SOVEREIGNTY so you can focus on healing and bonding with your baby in the exact way that you want to.

-The importance of having supportive people around you in your Fourth Trimester to be a loving witness to your process of becoming a parent to your new child.

-A story about Placenta medicine from early Egyptian wisdom.

-Resources to begin your POSTPARTUM CARE PLAN.

-A chance to connect with COMMUNITY as we participate together!



Early Bird price: $20/person $38/couple

General Admission: $25/person $43/couple

Limited Scholarships available! Priority for scholarships goes to birthing parents and partners that belong to communities of color, LGBTQA+, and other minority/underserved populations. E-mail Marissa at ritualpostpartum@gmail.com with to secure your spot.


Times, Dates, and Locations:

March 18: MamaSpace Yoga 7-9pm

1306 NW Hoyt St. #306

May 6th: Luna Wellness 7-9pm

333 NE Russell St, #200

June 10: MamaSpace Yoga 7-9pm

1306 NW Hoyt St. #306

5 Class Series:Postpartum Care For Family Wellness, Rooted in Revitalized Community Support


This 5-Class Series is intended for expecting families who are interested in learning how to best prepare for a postpartum window of healing, receiving, and deeply listening.

This is an in-depth exploration divided into 4 prenatal discussions and 1 meeting postpartum. The purpose of this class series is to both educate ourselves during pregnancy as a form of postpartum preventative care, and also to be part of an intimate and interconnected community of other expecting families.

Together we are honoring the postpartum window as a special time for healing. While the immediate postpartum phase only lasts a few weeks or maybe months, the benefits of receiving loving support after birth can last a lifetime.

By doing this work, we are participating in a cultural shift: a returning to what has been forgotten where the Fourth Trimester is tended to with respect by ourselves and those surrounding us. You deserve this. Your family deserves this! Let's be in solidarity to create the postpartum sanctuary that can serve us and our families in the most nourishing and restorative way possible.

Breakdown of Class Series:

CLASS 1: Innate Postpartum Care~ The 5 Essentials of Postpartum Healing & Introduction to INNATE system of care.

CLASS 2: The Extended Resting Period, Warmth After Birth, and Warm in Temperature, Warm in Nature, Easy-To-Digest Food after birth.

CLASS 3: Bodywork After Birth & Community Support.

CLASS 4: Postpartum Planning ~The Birth of a Baby, The Birth of a Birther, The Birth of a Family

CLASS 5: Community Celebration & Witnessing (After everyone has passed through the initial 6-week postpartum phase).


Time/Dates/Location: TBA~Spring 2019

Price: $150-300 Sliding Scale (Cost includes 5 classes total for birthing parent + partner & any additional support people may attend for FREE.)

~$25 off to anyone who has attended an Essentials of Postpartum Healing class!

**Limited scholarships available upon request! Priority for scholarships goes to those in communities of color, LGBTQA+, and other minority/underserved populations**

Pre-registration is required. Secure your spot! Send an e-mail to ritualpostpartum@gmail.com, with “5-Class Series” in the Subject Line.