Ritual Postpartum


Marissa Diebolt, INNATE postpartum Care PRovider


I see the postpartum window as a potent time of healing, truly honoring it as a Fourth Trimester. It is my goal to support your intuitive guidance, validate your feelings and be a humble witness to your process. 

In my practice I offer full-spectrum services to anyone that has become pregnant, whether it completes to full-term or ends in birth release or loss.  Included in my offerings are traditional warming therapies, medicinal foods, ceremony, loving touch and more. 

I am here to help create the village of support around you, tending to the needs of the body, mind, and spirit with presence and love. May you receive the support and nourishment you deserve.

I am honored to provide you with loving and compassionate care during this very precious moment in time. I fully believe that present and loving Postpartum Care will create a positive future for generations to come. 

Outside of my postpartum work, my other great passion is music. As a singer/songwriter I love to weave music into my care. I am always happy to share songs and hold space for others to birth songs of their own, which can be potent medicine for the postpartum time.

Serving Entire Portland Metro Area (rates may vary depending on commute/travel time) 


INNATE Postpartum Care


I find deep fulfillment in playing a supportive role during the Fourth Trimester. Working as an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, I am part of a greater movement of practitioners stepping in to fill the void in Postpartum Care. The INNATE Postpartum practices and methods are supported by generations of wisdom from traditional communities across the globe, and are informed by the physiological needs of the post-birth body. I feel incredibly honored to carry out these traditions, and allow space for you to discover your own deep well of knowledge within. (For more information about the INNATE movement, please visit www.innatetraditions.com)



-Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider with Rachelle Garcia, C.P.M. (www.innatetraditions.com). 

-Certified Postpartum Doula through Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon.

-Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Community Development from UC Santa Barbara.

-15+ years of childcare experience with excellent nanny and doula references in the Portland area and beyond.

-Reiki I and II Certificate with Megan Quinn (newaeonhealingarts.com).

-Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils.


"Marissa was introduced to me via a mutual friend.  Her help came at a great time!  I needed another pair of hands while I took care of some postpartum medical issues, and I implicitly trusted her with my little one, and he loved her immediately! She was also able to answer some questions for me, like what is the best remedy for cradle cap, and techniques for Daddy to comfort the baby when Mama's not around.  She was very professional and respectful, while being very warm and kind.  I highly recommend her services!"  -Deva, mom of Kuma



"Marissa has a kind and intuitive heart, she was a joy to work with!  It was obvious that she loves babies and their families and she gave this new mama some much needed time to heal and organize." -Betsy, mom of Eloise

"Marissa came into my house with such warmth and ease, and I was immediately comfortable in her presence. She was so intuitive in anticipating my needs, and her helpfulness allowed me to fully relax and focus on my baby. We were sad to see her go!   -Danielle, mom of Avery